Perspectives ` a poem

flower4 sunflrI see…but do I really see?

I know…but do I really know?

Am I seeing though me or the One who really sees me?

He sees me through the eyes of love…no not the red heart that we often see…but the blood bought redemption that Jesus died for me.

That perception has set me free…to really be me.

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

"Leaves in Arkansas" by June (c) 2011

“Falling Leaves in Arkansas” photo by June


Hello Seedling Followers and other positively encouraging people!  I know it’s been a while since I’ve written but lots of new things have been going on.  I am now finishing up on a book signing in Texas and a couple of other events.  


“The Journey” photo by June

Book III, “The Ancients”will be out FOR SURE in 2019! I’m hoping for March but absolutely it will be published before Thanksgiving 2019.  Thanks for your patience.  I’ll try to share another article before Christmas.


Now in Print! “Soil”

Book II in the fantasy trilogy, "Trees of Etainia"

Book II in the fantasy trilogy, “Trees of Etainia”

“Soil” Book II in “The Trees of Etainia” Trilogy is now in print and your signed copy is available for purchase at

  • FYI: The Ancients, Book III is soon to be available…projected Summer of 2016


Springtime is upon us!  Cleaning houses, office drawers/desks, yards and more.  How about cleaning out old (maybe new) negative thoughts?  Just as it is nice to come home to a clean house, it’s even better to live with a clutter-free mind.  After all, we are inside of our heads more than we are in our homes!  Science is now backing up what some of us already knew…


“Springtime” by D.C.Esparza (c) 2012

Negative thoughts can produce depression, stress and eventually physical sickness.  Re-thinking something over and over and over again, doesn’t change any circumstance.  It just creates more worrisome thoughts.  Want to know more about it?  Dr. Caroline Leaf has good tips on her website.  Just google her name.  I’ve purchased and taught from her books and it’s helped many people take a more active response in ‘changing the thoughts in their head’ with positive results.  What do you have to lose by exploring these things?  You’ll only lose more negative imaginings and thoughts…and that’s a good thing. 

“A New Day has Come”

pet talk birdsHere in Texas we’re enjoying what looks like, cooler weather, which helps me enjoy even more the upcoming Thanksgiving Events and onward to Christmas. Hopefully we will continue to experience even much cooler weather. Of course, this is my favorite time of the year.

The Holidays can often be depressing for some people, depending on their circumstances. Reaching out to others is one way to cure that. And there certainly are many people who need an encouraging word, smile or warm meal.

Whatever you do this Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, I hope you are well and encouraged to look at the positive things in life, rather than focusing on the negative.

I’ve been traveling quite a bit this year, but I haven’t neglected my writing. Now I am traveling in the land of Etainia as I am in the process of finishing my novel, “Soil” — Book II in THE TREES OF ETAINIA Trilogy.

It’s been extremely busy these last few weeks with writing, editing, writing, editing… I’ve realized that because of so many characters that have developed, I must add a small ‘glossary’ in Book II. The cover design is done and I’m fine tuning a couple of characters. Ideally, it would be published by Christmas this year…but realistically it might be closer to January 2014 — Time will tell.

Nevertheless, I am on the finish line! Book II has been much more challenging, plus events in life have thrown a few curves. Seedling followers and newcomers…Book II is almost finished!! Plus, I plan on forging ahead into Book III immediately. Check back on any of my websites for updates of when and where to purchase. In the meantime…thanks for your support! This author is very excited to get these books into your hands and has not forgotten those who are patiently waiting. You won’t be disappointed.

The Rhythm of Your Heart

ImageSeveral years ago I created an instrumental CD with my son called “Healing Waters”. Many people use it in hospitals, others play it to help them fall asleep. It’s a calming CD that tends to settle the surrounding atmospheres.  During that time, I had come to a place where I really understood the power of music.  While growing up – I enjoyed various genres and even played the piano, but didn’t really appreciate music untill I was an adult with children of my own. I began a deeper study of music and realized that on the one hand, music could be very theraputic and lift up your soul and spirit.  On the other hand, it could influence emotions in a negative way, sometimes causing anxiety and even depression.

As I continued to study the subject, I became more aware of the musical rhythmic sounds around me; the birds singing their songs, the raindrops when they hit the petals of plants ~ even the wind as it joined with the various trees in creating a swishing and sometimes hushing sounds. No wonder we find it comforting and peaceful to walk and sit in the parks or go outside to relax on our back porch while listening to the creative musical natural sounds around us…

I wrote a poem called, “The Rhythm of My Heart” and designed a greeting card. Many people have been moved and deeply touched by it.  In it I share how beautiful it is that we all have ‘different and unique’ rhythms within us.  Rhythms that direct our lives, our dreams and our goals.  Even our heart beats in various rhythms according to the peace or aggitation around us.

As I write this, I guess what I want to share is…pay attention to the rhythms of sound and music.  Not just through the T.V., radio, ipad, MP3’s and other electronic devices – although it is important to take notice to reject or enjoy some of those sounds.  But take a moment one day and still your mind – go outside – find a quiet place. Walk in a park, or step onto your porch and listen to melodious sounds around you…and as you do…you will hear the steady beat of your own heart – physically and spiritually – and a new level of peace and hope will begin to enter in – taking you on a new, fresh journey of self-discovery.  A moment in time such as this…can change your life.

A Fresh New Day

"A Sunny Day" Artwork by Dee (cc) 2011

“A Sunny Day” Artwork by Dee (cc) 

Do you realize every moment of the day gives you a brand new opportunity to begin ‘anew’? It all begins in your thought life..then comes an action…then the results manifest. For example; perhaps you might want to pursue a new career. There’s the thought ~ then you research the area you want to go into = the action. Of course the action continues as you refine and express your goals and dreams. Perhaps you write your ideas on paper or record them or send yourself a text or email as a reminder. Then you might ponder and mull over your options. Soon after – the pursuit begins. While pursuing you weigh the pros and cons… the possible limitations and the unlimited possibilities.

Eventually over time there will be results. In the process you will discover something about yourself. You might find out that you have a new appreciation for the career you are in. On the other hand, you may have discovered a new courage within your character and are going to ‘go for the gold’. Every person has their own moments which are sections of time. You can let them go by without much thought, or you can take some of those moments and look for a brand new opportunity in your life. A new career? A new hobby? A new relationship? A new home?  The list is endless.

What are you waiting for?

Merry Christmas!

Florida Beach

Florida Beach

In some places it’s snowing, in others…rain…still others it’s warm.  Wherever you are – “Merry Christmas!” For me it’s been a busy month of Christmas gatherings, book signings and meeting many new people. I’ve enjoyed every minute while listening to the variety of ‘life’ stories.  Sadly though many people are going through difficult times and have needed an encouraging word.  For anyone who reads this, I do hope all is well with you and that this Christmas won’t be a lonely time.  As I’ve shared before, reaching out to help others can often ease the pain within.  As January approaches I will be intensely finishing Book II, “Soil” and having it published in soft cover sometime around April 2013.  For those who have a Kindle, (others can download the Kindle App) I will be having special offers for Book I, “Tiny Seedlings” – just check online.  Wishing you all a very safe, healthy and prosperous Christmas – and New Year 2013!

Thanksgiving is a Daily Event

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“The Leaves are Sleeping”

"Leaves in Arkansas" by June (c) 2011

“Leaves in Arkansas” by June (c) 2011

I took this photo last year in Arkansas. I never grow tired of looking at the leaves when they are the most beautiful ~ in the fall. They are dying, preparing to drop to the ground. Yet in their most colorful state of death, they are giving life to the soil…replenishing it…

preparing it for the next year of growth.

Sometimes without realizing it – in our most difficult, trying and ‘deathlike’ experiences in our lives, we are actually producing vital life-giving strength within our souls. Of course, it doesn’t feel like we could ever help anyone during the time of our struggles. But, when the dust settles and time helps to heal our wounds…we are often able to give out encouraging thoughts to others.

Like the leaves, we live through the seasons of our lives. Each season and event – good or not so good – affects the next season. Our struggle at times is letting go of the season that is over. Mentally challenging thoughts of the past often interfere with moving forward.

Yet, many of those thoughts must die…so we can continue to replenish the soil of our hearts. So we can enjoy life once again ~

looking for the beauty in the dying places of the soil within our hearts..

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